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A Brief Re-Introduction

It’s been well over a year since the time I intentionally sat down at my desk to write a blog post for my audience. There have been all kinds of articles I’ve wanted to share, life events that have happened, perspectives that have shifted, and questions about my faith.

Always, questions. 

Fortunately, while there are not always answers that I can perceive, God provides me, my family, and my friends with strength in numbers to face the questions and the uncertainty.

So now, after more than a year of those questions, difficult decisions, and growth—as well as some undeniably wonderful moments—I’m back. And I’m ready to do what I was made to do: write.

A new format

As I discuss on my About page, a three word story is a personal blog. It focuses heavily on travel, writing, and faith (and—bonus!—it contains another section called Creative Corner. Wonder what that’s about?). These three areas are key components of my life, and as you’ll see through my various posts, they don’t always follow those categories in the most direct manner. Many posts borrow from some or all of the categories, and topics for each are wide-range.

You’ll also note, as time goes on, that things on the website will change. The process of nailing down your voice, much like learning, is never finished in my opinion. I am refining what makes me unique, and sometimes that translates to design changes. I’ll make it as easy to find things as possible, never fear, but if you ever need to reference something and can’t remember where it is, contact me.

A huge thank you

Finally, thank you for reading this blog! With the thousands of people out there who write daily, you chose to read this one, and I can’t even begin to tell you what that means to me. I’m thankful for my audience, and I aim to make my content worth your while.

Stay tuned for the next post, Natural Theology: Paley’s Watchmaker!

Image: Christina Corso Photography

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Travel industry writing professional with a B.A. in English Creative Writing and a serious hankering for all the things, including a relationship with my creator.

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