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What is Creative Corner?

Mortar and Pestle | a three word story

Creative Corner is my personal space to feature my favorite people: their blogs, their products, their company and why their mission inspires me, and more. This can be as complex as a trio of Christ-following bloggers who create posts for thirty different topics or as simple as an incredibly well-made bar of soap.

Something I’m especially excited to do on Creative Corner is feature local businesses—those in the Tri-State Area and in the regions that I visit while I go on vacation. I visit local businesses as often as possible, because the truth is no one knows their town like they do! Each one has their own take: cuisine, good reads, and places to stay or visit.

Stay tuned for my top-featured bloggers, photographers, graphic designers, florists, shops, not-for-profits, and more!

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Travel industry writing professional with a B.A. in English Creative Writing and a serious hankering for all the things, including a relationship with my creator.

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