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Welcome to A Three Word Story:

this is my personal blog on travel, writing, and faith.

Those things might seem really simple, as far as categories go. After all, who doesn’t like a good vicarious trip to Norway, or an opinion on ways to pursue topical character development, or an open discussion on the merits of both Paley and Darwin and their contemporaries? But I promise you, my posts aren’t going to be simple—mainly because my life can be messy.

Previous Versions of This Blog

Over four years ago, I began this blog and wrote an original ‘About’ page. It contained a lot of noise about an architecture project I had worked on, which dealt with chaos/order/equilibrium (the original idea behind ‘a three word story’) and their relationship with the God of the universe, and how I planned on analyzing the connections to those three things that I saw around me. It was a half-formed thing constructed out of the desperate desire to make something of myself directly out of college.

The blog itself really had little to no actual substance of my own as I published rarely, but I did my best to feature other writers I saw on WordPress who had original ideas, to share personal thoughts on the day-to-day trials I encountered, and occasionally shared some of my photography. I thought at the time it was a great starter, but the truth is I had little experience in both the professional world and in meaningful relationships, and my inability to commit to being intentional about writing and experiencing more that might connect me with others was a serious flaw (still is sometimes!).

So with all that, I’ll say it again: my life can be messy.

I have, over the past few years, been able to come down to earth a bit. I embarked on a career in the travel industry as a writer and a marketing coordinator, which has given me more experience than I would have thought possible. I can finally count on more than one hand people that I love, unreservedly, and that I trust. I married a wonderful guy with a scruffy beard and incredibly sharp wit last year, and he’s constantly pushing me to pursue my writing on a huge scale.

Still, life is constantly evolving and shifting, and there’s more to come of it.

A Note on the New Version

I find it more preferable to be as open and honest now as I can possibly be when referring to the things I write about, but there’s always one thing that should remain clear to my reader: this blog revolves mainly around my faith. My experiences with various portions of the travel industry, my struggle with particular pieces of literature I read and descriptions of how they do/do not relate to current events, and discussions on creating literature for others are all viewed through the lens of my faith.

I do try to observe and analyze to the best of my ability when I choose a particular subject to write about—especially if I have little prior experience—but I have no qualms about leaving questions unanswered if I have none, and I make no apologies for doing that. I prefer to hear discussion on it, and welcome public or private messages.

With all of that behind us, enjoy this blog and comment, comment, comment. Sharing is good, too. I hope you enjoy everything you read—especially the messy parts.

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